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Fish For Sale

Discover the underwater world

Dive beneath the surface and into our live aquarium filled with fishy friends in a variety of stunning colours, shapes and sizes. At Pet Essentials Whangarei we’ve transformed part of our store into a tranquil underwater world, where we stock a range of high-quality aquatic life, from goldfish, to tropical fish and even seasonal tadpoles.


Whether you’re a beginner looking for an easy to care learner fish, or a seasoned hobbyist after a more complex and exotic species, you can find all your aquarium needs, including tanks, accessories, fish food and much more, in our store to help ensure your fish live a long, healthy life.

Expert advice

We have friendly fish specialists in store to tell you everything you need to know to build the perfect a tank, aquarium or underwater world for your new pet, including information about their care and feeding needs, cleaning and maintaining a healthy environment.


As well as which species will work best in your tank and which species can live happily alongside each other.

Beautiful to look at and low maintenance

A fish aquarium, big or small, is a beautiful addition to a home. Their vibrant colours and tranquil environment brighten up the room, and fish also make the perfect pets for people who love animals but don’t have the time or space for a cat, dog or higher-maintenance furry friend.


They’re perfect for people with allergies and are also good for teaching children the responsibilities of caring for a pet for the first time. Plus they are often easier and less expensive to care for than other pets because they are quiet, don’t shed, slobber, scratch or bring dirt into your home, and they don’t develop separation anxiety.


But fish do require a special environment and dedicated, knowledgeable owners to thrive, which is where we can help, because keeping fish is easy – when you know how!


Come in store and ask us as many questions as you like, before you take the plunge.

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