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Cat Nutrition

A healthy life for your cat, starts with the right food

To give your cat or kitten the best possible chance at a happy, healthy, long life, proper nutrition is essential, which is why deciding what to feed your feline friend is one of the most important decisions you will make.


The nutrients obtained from food is used as a source of energy, necessary for your cat’s health, growth and wellbeing. Cats are born carnivores and need meat in their diet to obtain protein so they can maintain flexibility and muscle mobility. By choosing quality food from a reputable brand, your cat will get all the nutrients they need.


Great range & advice

Have you ever found yourself down the pet food aisle wondering what the best option for your cat is? Finding a balanced diet isn’t easy and it can get confusing between wet food, dry food, semi-moist and raw meats, but we are here to help.


At Pet Essentials Whangarei, our staff know their way around our cat aisle stocked with premium food and will work with you to understand your cat’s individual needs. Like every animal, nutrition effects overall health and wellbeing, so if your cat has skin issues, allergies or is overweight our team can advise you on which type of food and diet would suit them best, as well as any other dietary requirements that may be relevant as your cat passes through various life stages, particularly if they are pregnant or nursing, to ensure they get all the nutrients they need.


With a balanced diet that is rich in meat proteins, your cat will live for its nine lives and longer. Come in store and see us today.



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