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We’re locals, like you

At Pet Essentials Whangarei we are pet-loving locals and believe in the importance of giving back to our community to help improve the lives of our neighbours, their pets and other animals! We love participating, sponsoring and hosting a range of events in our community and local schools.


From pet parties and adoption days with the SPCA and Whangarei Cat Rescue, to workshops and training days with experts to expand your knowledge on your beloved pet, we’re always hosting events for you and your pets.



Pet Essentials Whangarei & Whangarei SPCA working together

Our passion for pets also means helping to make a difference for those that need it the most. As proud long-term partners of the Whangarei SPCA we are dedicated to supporting their life-saving actions, helping give all animals the life they deserve. Through our partnership we have developed a range of initiatives to raise awareness, funds and help animals that need it.


Each month we have visits from some SPCA kittens, cats, puppies and dogs where they come in store to hang out with us, giving you the chance to meet, rescue and adopt them. We provide work space for the SPCA Vet Clinic which helps to ensure that all pets are healthy and ready adopt; desexed, vaccinated, wormed and deflead and microchipped. By adopting an animal in need, you’re saving more than just one life as the adoption fee goes directly to the SPCA and helping other animals in need.


We also keep the SPCA dogs and puppies looking and feeling their best with our dog grooming services and advance their socialization skills in our Doggie Day Care classes at Unleashed, while contributing food, treats and toys to help the animals at the SPCA feel comfortable their temporary home.


If you’re thinking of adding another member to your family, consider adopting a pet from the SPCA. Click here to find out more.





One of our biggest and most successful fundraising events is Jog4Dogs. Jog4Dogs is a fun day out for the whole family, including the four-legged family members, where we run, walk or jog around the Hatea Loop Track to raise funds for the Whangarei SPCA and the amazing work that they do.


Be sure to check our Facebook page for the announcement of exciting events happening near you, or sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear. We hope to see you and your pets there!

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