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Raw Food Diet

Raw, the way nature intended

As humans we are encouraged to maintain a natural diet, free of additives and preservatives, so why should your pets be any different?


When we eat better, we feel better and your pets are no exception. The idea dates back to when animals use to eat in the wild, a mix of raw meat, bone and organs, with no preservatives, additives or grains, the way nature intended.


Raw feeding has gained popularity in New Zealand and throughout the world because pets can gain better all-round health from teeth to tail with a quality, well formulated raw diet. Key benefits associated with feeding a natural raw diet are improved oral health, reduced allergies, a stronger immune system, muscle growth and repair and less droppings – making the clean-up easier!



How to start a raw food diet for your pet

For over 20 years Pet Essentials Whangarei have helped hundreds of dogs and cats enjoy better health through good nutrition and are advocates of a raw natural diet, if it’s done correctly. Raw food diets take planning and knowledge, particularly when moving from a more conventional diet. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff are able to offer you education, support and advice on the best raw products for your pets' personal requirements to ensure that you, and your pet, get the best out of raw feeding.


We have a large range of premium dog food to choose from so you can find the food to fit your dog’s needs. All of our recommended brands offer high-quality protein and balanced nutrition, from dry foods, canned or wet foods, dehydrated food, semi-moist foods and raw meats, no matter which type you choose, we’re confident that among our we can find a balanced nutritious diet with everything your dog needs.


One of the biggest investments you will make in the quality of your pets’ life is their nutrition and diet, so if you haven’t introduced your pet to the natural benefits of a raw diet, come in and see us today to discuss a potential raw diet for your pet. We guarantee you will notice the difference.

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